Weight Loss and Constipation Relief

Weight loss and constipation are two sides of a coin in more ways than one. When one achieves constipation relief, one loses weight, fecal weight! Autopsy reports a variety of weights of fecal matter, depending on the body type and obvious health of the person. General ranges are 9 – 15 pounds. That just shouldn’t be.

            Why we Americans or maybe I should say, people, get more interested in what’s on TV tonight than making an assessment of their health and doing something about it. Don’t be lazy, or you will wish later in that hospital bed that you could have another chance. Hospitals and doctors mistakes were the #3 highest cause of unnecessary deaths in America last year; the year before they were ranked in the #2 position. You thought bleeding in shark infested water was dangerous.

            Weight loss and constipation relief are related because the immediate result of doing a colon cleanse is weight loss, flatter tummies, fresher breath, more energy, even headaches disappear. When’s the last time you did a 3 day flush? If you say “I never have”, stop right here. Order a good, well known, highly respected colon cleansing product and do it. Changing your diet is a major way to get constipation relief and weight loss. Did you know that what you eat from the time you get up until noon will have a SIGNIFICANT reflection on weight loss and constipation relief?!?

            What you eat from the time you get up until noon should be fruit and only fruit. This is for several important reasons. The first is the body’s elimination cycle starts at approximately 4 am and ends approximately 11 am. When you eat a big breakfast, it interrupts and ‘jams’ the elimination cycle stopping the body’s natural functions. Fruit on the other hand, digests in a couple minutes, gives you immediate energy and flows WITH the body as it eliminates. It also fills your gut with enzymes that help move digestion rapidly, helps digest and break down food helping to pull the nutrients out of the food and get it into the bloodstream, called assimilation.

            Bottom line: Eat fresh whole fruit until noon. Watch what happens by the 3rd day. Don’t cheat, and you will be blown away. A Flat stomach, high energy and bowels that move!

Constipation relief and weight loss in one!

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