Our New Super Strain Probiotic Formula

probioticsAfter almost 4 years of working on this project with one of the Top 5 World Authorities on Probiotics, we now have this scientists’ prize strains. This is HUGE.

Here are some of the CHARACTERISTICS of the strains in the New Formula #3 Probiotic:

The WIDE CHARACTERISTICS of these help increase our bodies Natural Resistance to multiple side effects of using wide spectrum antibiotics, chemo and radiation therapies; other characteristics include acid resistance which helps the live friendly bacteria survive through stomach acid and reach THE GUT, helping to and indicating strong antagonistic activity against pathogens including yeasts (Candida), gram negative-bacteria (Salmonella) and gram-positive bacteria (staphylococcus / hospital infections).

These strains help the body’s natural fight against viruses (such as Epstein-Barr, herpes simplex); they help contribute and aid the body’s natural ability to heal Gut Epithelial that reduces intestinal permeability (leaky gut), helps support liver function, helps restore liver enzyme profile and support / stimulate / increase liver detoxification, helps reduce inflammation and degenerative processes, helps protect against types of mutagenic agents. Another added strain specifically has shown to help and indicate the ability to produce strong proteolytic enzymes, reduce food sensitivity and help decrease allergic reactions and inflammation; it also helps the body’s natural defenses with an anti-mutagenic effect.

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