Help solve the diarrhea after constipation problem

We’re asked this question on a fairly regular basis, so we decided to write up a little information on why you get diarrhea after constipation, and why this is actually a good thing. To put it simply, the human body is designed to survive, and diarrhea is one of its survival tactics.

Constipation, or the inability to normally move your bowels, is in opposition to our body’s homeostasis (to stay a ‘smooth running machine’).

Diarrhea after constipation diarrhea after constipationis an evidence of the body working at fast constipation relief. The bowels use a lot of water just to function, so remember, in your attempts for constipation relief, make drinking water a top priority in your day.

Our bodies are almost 80% water. We need water. By the time you are thirsty you are clinically dehydrated. As far as constipation relief is concerned, water acts like a ‘lubricant’ to move fecal matter through your colon.

Severe constipation can be caused by dehydration, side effects of prescription drugs, the typical American diet, lack of exercise or antibiotics stripping the gut of our intestinal flora (our friendly bacteria which makes up 70 – 80% of our immune system) which we need for almost all intestinal function. Let’s not forget about stress which can be a huge factor that is often too prevalent in today’s society. Some basic daily habits should be considered when you want to achieve good colon health and help solve the diarrhea after constipation problem.

Diarrhea after constipation can vastly improve by cleansing the colon, using a good daily fiber supplement with some natural anti- inflammatory herbs blended into it along with a live high quality super strain probiotic.

Drinking enough water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, spending some time each day doing the things that you enjoy, spending time with friends and family can all add up to excellent health. Starting today could result into a much better tomorrow but it takes You to do it.

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