Help solve the diarrhea after constipation problem

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Getting Constipation Relief Can Equal Great Health

There are 2 definitions or opinions on what constipation is and how many bowel movements a day is considered normal. General mainstream medicine has stated 3 bowel movements a week is ok but never really makes clear what is good for health or why. Natural medicine (and common sense) says one bowel movement after each major meal is what should happen for optimal colon health. Since most Americans eat 2 major meals a day, 2 bowel movements a day is what you should be having.

 Look at Nature

When you study nature, you find animals eliminate soon after they eat. When you read about the Hunza Tribe in Pakistan, a remote people living away from civilization who father children at the age of 105 and have an average lifespan of 130 – 140 years old, move their bowels within 30 minutes after each major meal. They also have a virtually disease – free life. Fresh air, no pollutants in their food or water, lots of exercise which comes from daily activity such as growing food and creating shelter. Living a constipation relief lifestyle is the norm.

 Constipation Creating Poor Health

Getting constipation relief is more than just having a great bowel movement everyday. For starters, when a person is constipated, it slows down the time your food travels thru the body. When transit time slows down, putrified matter stays in the colon longer and the body starts reabsorbing the toxins back into the bloodstream thru the intestinal wall. This process is called auto – intoxication.

Auto – intoxication causes everything from headaches, no energy, bloat, acid reflux, brain fog, bad breath, diverticulosis, PMS, auto immune disorders after time and much more. It’s really the self poisoning of ones self. Slow transit time also builds up a layer of toxic material on the intestinal walls. This build up reduces the absorption of good nutrients. Fatigue, no energy and even depression are a result of the deprivation of nutrients not being able to be absorbed. Without getting constipation relief, an avalanche of bad things keep gaining momentum.

Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in Americans and can result from years of constipation. In the highly respected British Medical Journal “The Lancet,” said women who are constipated are 4 times more likely to develop breast cancer. Optimum colon health should be everyones focus everyday.

 What Should I do?

Never forget the basics. Water is so important, especially in the summer months. The colon uses WATER to create your bowel movement. If you’re dehydrated and 90% of Americans are, your bowel activity will be directly effected.

What you eat each day counts. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables steamed or raw should be on every plate. Fruit is best for breakfast (and nothing else as far as food is concerned). This is ultra easy to digest and can still give you energy and natural fiber while not interrupting the elimination cycle of the body which starts at approximately 4 a.m. and ends approximately 11 a.m.

A beautiful salad that includes everything from the garden you like mixed in, is tremendous for lunch OR dinner. If you have meat, don’t mix with a carbohydrate (potatoes, pasta, bread etc.) and watch how much more energy you have, and how fast digestion / elimination is.

You can do more than you think. If you need help in moving your bowels stay away from Rx or over the counter laxatives as they are destructive over time and not very effective (read the warnings!). One very popular named laxative is even made from anti-freeze! Use a natural, side-effects-free oxygen type supplement for constipation relief. Great health is for everyone and that includes YOU.